Solutions & Services

From extensive mapping services to site surveys, Altus Group is the market leader in advanced, customized solutions for a wide variety of consulting projects. Utilizing innovative and proprietary technology that not only makes research-gathering more efficient and less costly, but also ensures accurate, effective geographical data, our experienced industry professionals facilitate complex decision making for businesses, communities and governments.

Altus Group is strategically positioned in all four western provinces, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, to deliver the service and expertise that guarantees results, and mitigates risk, across all project phases, regardless of sector, scope or region.

Oil & Gas
Highly skilled project management, mapping, field and CAD teams to deliver seamless service for all aspects of any project

Procedures and processes to manage the entire construction cycle effectively

From pipeline planning through to design, construction and creation of as-built drawings, our integrated processes validate, check and verify information from the field.

Pipeline Weld Mapping
The final products we deliver for pipeline management and maintenance will prove to be invaluable over the life of the pipeline.

Legal Field Surveys
From single sites, to large utility corridors and mainline projects, we have the technology and the comprehensive skill sets to offer effective survey procedures to manage the entire process.

Legal Municipal Surveys
Spatial identification, property boundaries and other geo-referencing specifications to conform with local jurisdictions and systems

Environmental & Forestry
Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions to facilitate the resource-management needs of the forestry and energy sectors

Electric Power
Our highly- skilled and experienced Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geomatics Technologists use the latest electronic technologies to provide comprehensive construction, engineering, and cadastral survey services to major electric power companies.

Accurate, cost-effective, and timely data analysis to ensure optimal route and site selection

3D Laser Scanning
Highly detailed and defined application – in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional survey methods – to capture new and new existing facilities

Aerial photography, orthophoto maps, satellite imagery and other applications utilized to provide a comprehensive range of mapping deliverables

Our Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geomatics Technologists use the latest electronic technologies to provide construction, engineering, and survey services to railway companies.

Land Use Planning
Comprehensive site analysis and subdivision design

GIS Consulting
GIS Consulting can host, analyze and deliver, base or client-specific spatial information, to generate data layers, mapping products and custom reports

Survey services for all stages of mining operations (exploration, land and mineral acquisition, new construction and expansion, reclamation)