GIS Consulting

Geographic Information Systems are used by many business sectors and industries, and their implementation and application requires skills and knowledge that crossover technological boundaries, such as database administration, server administration, application programming, cartography, quality assurance, end users support, etc.

With nearly 20 years in GIS, Altus Group is a reliable partner for your GIS project implementation. Our staff are highly skilled in a variety of technologies, capable of handling medium to large scope projects, spanning the entire life cycle, from conception to implementation and support.

Our professionals are experts in:

  • Web and mobile GIS solutions.
  • Spatial database design and implementation.
  • ArcGIS Desktop development.
  • AutoCAD/AutoCAD MAP specialized tool development.
  • Spatial data migration and conversion – through custom tools or SAFE FME Software®  
  • WMS/WFS and REST server configuration & implementation.

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