LiDAR Surveys produce accurate 3 dimensional point clouds of very large areas. The specialists at Altus Group use this data to create innovative products that facilitate the decision making process.

The enhanced topographical view enabled by LiDAR produces the most complete high-resolution capture of field conditions for mapping and modeling, helping clients determine the best location for proposed development. Along with reduced construction costs and environmental impact,
as well as improved safety conditions and unlimited seasonal access, Altus Geomatics customers benefit from optimized project completion times and resource allocation.

Industries and Applications

  • Oil and Gas: Pipeline selection and application; corridor management; site engineering
  • Oil Sands: Core hole selection and application; mining; site engineering
  • Forestry: Forest inventory; harvest development planning; change detection; erosion monitoring
  • Seismic: 3D and 2D elevation models; access selection
  • Mining: Surface modelling analysis; route and site selection; site engineering
  • Transportation: Corridor planning; as-built surveys; design and engineering of infrastructure
  • Reclamation: 3D modelling; flood plain mapping; change detection; erosion monitoring


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