Altus Group, Geomatics is well equipped and has the experience to provide mining survey services to all stages of the mining operation.  Our Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geomatics Technologists have been involved in the mining industry from the exploration stage, land and mineral acquisition, new construction and expansion, to reclamation.  Our professional staff are trained and understand mining survey requirements whether it is potash work in southern Saskatchewan, a large scale open pit Oil Sands mine or a northern uranium mining operation.

Mine Survey Services

  • Surface lease surveys
  • Mineral boundary staking
  • Subsidence monitoring surveys
  • Exploration wells surveys
  • Terrain modeling using 3D scanning, LiDAR and UAV
  • Open pit mine surveys
  • Pit advancement surveys, lowest mined surface collection and reporting
  • Tailing cell advancements
  • Site and topographic surveys
  • Ore and waste volumes
  • Survey control networks
  • Photogrammetry
  • Reclamation surveys
  • Regulatory Applications, Water Act
  • Environmental Assessment Plans 

Mine Construction Services

  • Construction staking
  • Grade staking
  • Precise leveling
  • Elevation grids
  • Haul road construction
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Tailings dyke and in-pit dyke construction
  • Facility and heavy industrial construction
  • Layout of dig limits, ore seams and blast surveys


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