With twenty years of experience managing Oil Sands Exploration Programs, Altus Group, Geomatics has the knowledge and skills to produce programs of any size from beginning to end. Dedicated Altus teams manage the preliminary planning of well site locations and the access required, while identifying potential hazards. We produce all maps and the documents required to support applications and third-party agreements.

Our experienced Oil Sands Exploration field staff scout/survey each well, access road and crossing efficiently for a smooth transition between application and development. When construction and drilling are completed, Altus will prepare the As-Built Annual Reports required to finish off the programs for regulations.

Application and Consultation Mapping:

  • First Nation Consultation Map
  • Caribou Protection Plan
  • AER Application Map
  • As-Built Annual Report Map

Notification and Licensing Documents:

  • D56 Notification Plats
  • Historical Resource Sketches
  • Proximity Sketches
  • Licensing Township Plats

Field Work:

  • Scout/Survey site locations
  • Profile Crossings
  • Flag sites and access for clearing
  • As-Build area taken

Operational and Third-Party Agreements:

  • Operations Map
  • Foreign Road Use Sketches
  • Pipe/Power Crossings
  • TFA Sketches
  • Custom Mapping (Field/Office/Future Planning)

Contact our experienced Oil Sands Exploration staff to learn more about our service offerings and discovery how we can work together to make your next project a success.

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