When it comes to pipeline projects, Altus Group, Geomatics is a one-stop shop for surveying and environmental.   From right-of-way scouting, plans preparation (construction plans, IOPs and crossings), staking, environmental assessment, timber salvage planning, weld mapping, facility surveys, legal as-builts, integrity digs, and facility maintenance, Altus does it all and has done it well.

Having surveyed thousands of kilometers of pipelines, we understand the process and its complexity.  Altus provides safe and cost-effective solutions for the successful completion of these projects at the following three stages: pre-construction, construction and post-construction.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Routing sessions and terrain modeling using LiDAR and aerial photography and infield scouting
  • Right of way and disposition surveys
  • Alignment sheet generation and mapping products
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Site & topographic surveys
  • Timber Salvage Planning & management
  • Logging, Clearing, Hauling Operational Plans Budgeting
  • Regulatory approvals, supplements, Water Act, Wildlife Sweeps

Construction Services

  • Construction staking (ROW, ditchline, engineering, environmental)
  • Weld mapping and material reconciliation
  • Complete customizable pipeline as-builts
  • Facility as-builts
  • HDD and bore profiles
  • Clearing inspections
  • QAES Assessments
  • Environmental Inspection

Post Construction Services

  • Legal as-builts
  • Plan registration and disposition filing
  • Integrity digs
  • Above ground marker (AGM) surveys
  • GIS Data Management

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