Internet GIS

With hundreds of layers of data and many custom tools, the GIS is a great resource for our clients. The GIS allows clients to create informative location reports showing strike and wildlife areas, closest urban centres, areas of historical significance, coordinates, and much more. This provides for better decision-making, cost savings and increased efficiency. We provide 24-hour, online access, with job information and PDFs of plans surveyed by Altus Group. Clients are provided with a unique user identification and password to access their data, ensuring the security and integrity of all information.

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LSD Nav is a simple but powerful app for your iPhone or iPad designed to help navigate the oil patch across western Canada. Utilizing Google Earth for photos and directions, this app updates LSD’s in real time, even when out of cell coverage. With Real Time Navigation, LSD Nav shows you where you are and the best way to get to where you need to be.

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Nav Photo

Utilizing your iPhone/iPad’s camera, compass, timer, GPS positioning and text editor, Nav Photo is a multi-functional app that stamps real time position, altitude, direction of camera and Legal Township information onto your photo. It shows LSD-Sec-Twp-Rge-M (Legal Subdivision, Section, Township, Range, and Meridian) and offset distances from its Quarter Section boundaries.

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Tools & Resources

We thought you might find these references handy to use. Find out about our bathymetric surveys, data integrity app and more.

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The Webshare feature allows for easy and secure sharing of scan data via the Internet. Scanned images can now be put on the Internet by just a click of a button, thus enabling users like engineers or architects, to view scan information without the need of additional software. This will help improve the efficiency of any project.

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