The GIS Web mapping site is a valuable tool to access geographical assets and information from the Internet, regardless the specific operating system or platform you are connecting from.  Access does not require any specific software other than a compatible browser. Our clients are released from expensive licensing hurdles as well as other infrastructure expenses, such as security and backup protocols and other non-core business aspects, letting them focus on the most important part of the process: to access and analyze geospatial information.

With hundreds of layers of data and many custom tools, the GIS is a powerful resource for our clients. Utilizing standard graphic interfaces, users quickly and intuitively become proficient on the site, but training sessions can also be provided. The GIS allows clients to create informative location reports for planning and scouting, displaying base fabric, hydrology, other industrial developments and infrastructure, strike and wildlife areas, geological and environmental frameworks, closest urban centers, areas of historical significance, coordinates, and much more. This provides for better decision-making, cost savings and increased efficiency. We provide 24-hour, online access, with job information and PDFs of your Altus survey plans.  Altus Group can host other client-specific documents and images attached to our spatial data, to create a geo-referenced, document management system. Clients are provided with a unique user identification and password to access their data, ensuring the security and integrity of all information.

Empowered by a skilled and certified staff of GIS Analysts and Developers, the Web Mapping site can be custom-tailored to fulfill precise requirements for functionality and reports, to adapt to client-specific business needs.